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Training Improves Effectiveness

Industrial Resource Center: NWIRC

AccuSpec Electronics manufactures custom electronic boards and harnesses catering primarily to customers in the aerospace/defense, communications, medical, and transportation industries. Founded in 1986, AccuSpec is located in Erie, Pennsylvania, and employs approximately 140 people.

“After discussing possible solutions to meet our training needs, NWIRC was able to suggest solutions and a service provider to help move our organization forward. Upon completion of our ISO training project, AccuSpec has an increased understanding of the ISO standard which has provided a catalyst for change in our processes. Operations are now more efficient and fluid.”

Brandon Lewis,
Lead Compliance Auditor


AccuSpec is certified to several international standards, one of which is ISO 9001:2008. To improve compliance effectiveness and encourage more efficient processes, company leaders made plans to increase the presence of AccuSpec’s internal compliance body. They wanted to reduce external nonconformance results, customer corrective action requests, and scrap, and they knew that closer alignment of on-time delivery and quality targets would increase customer satisfaction.


AccuSpec contacted the Northwest Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center (NWIRC), a NIST MEP network affiliate, for assistance in addressing their need for stronger ISO compliance. After querying AccuSpec leaders about their expectations and discussing ideas and solutions, NWIRC identified an ISO training affiliate, Vie Associates, to help with the project. Vie Associates provided auditor training for AccuSpec, and the company successfully reduced waste in all three areas: external nonconformance, customer corrective actions, and scrap. The improvements led to additional savings for the company.


  • 50% reduction in external nonconformance
  • 30% reduction in scrap
  • 80% reduction in customercorrective action requests
  • $60,000 in cost-savings