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Strategic Plan Fuels Company Growth

Industrial Resource Center: Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center (DVIRC)

Packaging Progressions, Inc., (pacproinc®) designs and manufactures a full line of sanitary, washdown-duty, packaging, and processing equipment for the food industry. Founded in 1989, pacproinc® is located in Souderton, Pennsylvania, with around 25 employees, and has active customers in more than 10 countries. The company combines engineering expertise, automation, and timely support to help its customers enhance operational efficiencies, increase material yields, improve food safety, and reduce downtime.

“DVIRC has played a huge part in our success, through advising, training, networking, and acting as a liaison to other resources to help us grow.”

Larry Ward,


Leaders at pacproinc® had a strong desire to expand the business, both domestically and internationally. Several company leaders were members of an Executive Network Group through the Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center (DVIRC), part of the MEP National Network. Realizing the importance of setting goals and objectives, identifying new market opportunities, improving operational capacity and performance, and improving employee skills, they reached out to DVIRC for assistance in developing a formal strategic plan.


DVIRC worked with pacproinc® to map out a strategic plan based on the company’s position in the marketplace and its vision for the future. As part of that process, DVIRC helped pacproinc® leaders assess their current state, define their future state, identify vital initiatives to close the gap, and compose and execute on action plans. The company’s annual objectives included estimated costs and levels of responsibility, along with strategic and tactical initiatives.

As an extension of the strategic plan, DVIRC provided marketing assistance to help the company identify new business opportunities, better understand the competitive environment, and develop a new value proposition. Using Voice of Customer (VOC) research, DVIRC helped pacproinc® gain insights from existing customers to identify areas of disconnect. Next, DVIRC conducted competitive analysis research, interviewing industry leaders on current trends, and facilitating an ideation process. That research informed the development of a robust marketing effort, including new and rebranded marketing collateral, a website redesign project with DVIRC’s Marketing Services team, and an international export plan.

The improvement efforts yielded substantial topline growth for pacproinc®, and the company was succeeding in reaching new customers. However, it was still struggling to perform certain operational activities effectively. DVIRC worked with pacproinc® to develop a standard work process, address operational shortcomings, and reduce lead times. The company added jobs and worked to create a culture of Continuous Improvement, with several employees participating in DVIRC’s Lean Level One Certification Course to help pacproinc® improve its operational performance.


  • Expanded customer base by 55%
  • Yielded $1.3M in margin improvements
  • Added 10 employees over 3 years