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IRC Impact

Pennsylvania’s IRC Network has a significant impact on the state’s economy. From job creation to increased demand for PA Made goods, every dollar invested is repaid many times over.



From 2004-2018, Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center clients independently reported over $10 billion in increased or retained sales.


Over the same time period, those IRC clients created or retained 78.131 jobs.




The Commonwealth’s 552,500 manufacturing jobs pay an average wage of $72,151.


For every dollar the PA Department of Community & Economic Development allocates to an IRC, client companies return $138 in sales.




When state funding for IRCs declined in FY 2009-10, clients’ revenue dropped by 35 percent.


Pennsylvania investment per job created/retained by IRCs in Fiscal Year 2017-18 was just $1,027.




More than 5,156 jobs were created or retained in Fiscal Year 2017-18 as a result of companies using IRC services.


In Fiscal Year 2017-18, increased sales due to IRC assistance generated $185 million in increased demand for Pennsylvania products and services.