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For Legislators

Pennsylvania is a manufacturing state – and it’s imperative that you help keep it that way.

Did you know that more than 550,000 Pennsylvanians are employed by the Commonwealth’s manufacturers – more than the tourism, professional services, finance or transportation industries? Or that they earn a robust average annual wage of more than $70,000?

The IRC Network needs your support.Did you know that the total annual payroll of Pennsylvania manufacturers – money in the pockets of your constituents – is more than $45 billion?

Did you know that approximately 6% of the total state tax revenue is from manufacturers?

And did you know that the vast majority of Pennsylvania-issued patents, Pennsylvania-based R&D and Pennsylvania exports are generated by the state’s manufacturers?

Still, we need your help!

The IRC Network plays a critical role in helping Pennsylvania manufacturing continue to thrive. Our efforts have created or saved thousands of jobs, and contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to the state’s economy.

But we can only keep doing the work we do if we have a voice. And that’s where legislators come in. Please take a moment to browse the reports below, and consider contacting us to set up a meeting.

Remember: We can only continue to help manufacturers if you help us.


In 2017-2018, the IRC Network helped more than 1,000 Pennsylvania Manufacturers increase or retain sales of over $733 Million

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Impacting Pennsylvania’s Manufacturing Economy – The Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis of IRC Engagements in Pennsylvania

The Regional Economic Studies Institute at Towson University recently completed their analysis of PA Industrial Resource Center (IRC) impacts upon the Commonwealth’s economy in 2016 and the results are dynamic to say the least. IRC engagements facilitated the creation and retention of more than 15,000 jobs – thus adding more than $934 million in employee compensation and $3.75 billion in Gross State Product to Pennsylvania’s economy.

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2019 The National-Level Economic Impact of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP)

A recent study by the W.E. Upjohn Institute found the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Program generates a substantial economic and financial return of 14.4:1 for the $140 million annually invested by the federal government.

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Pennsylvania's True Commonwealth

Pennsylvania’s True Commonwealth

The full 200-plus page report on the state of manufacturing in Pennsylvania, commissioned by the state’s Industrial Resource Centers with research led by Dr. Edward W. (Ned) Hill of Cleveland State University.

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