Success Stories

Every day, the IRC Network helps Pennsylvania manufacturers save money, increase sales and create jobs. Read more about our clients’ successes below.


REICHdrill® Saves Jobs, Boosts Revenue by Nearly 65% in One Year

REICHdrill was in negotiations with the world’s second largest mining equipment supplier on an agreement that would mean a significant ramp-up in production and export market delivery by an anticipated $5 million per year over four years. Unfortunately, the company wasn’t poised to take advantage of the opportunity due to operational and financial issues. The business had a critical need to refinance and restructure operationally, and was constrained by their physical space inhibiting further growth. The Strategic Early Warning Network helped the company on multiple platforms including cash flow and planning for growth. IMC, a NIST MEP affiliate, was brought in to address issues on the operational front.


“Turning” Up the Sales Volume With ISO Certification

Pocal wanted to integrate ISO 9001 quality principles into its existing Quality Assurance System, which was established in 1987 to meet the requirements of MIL-Q-9858.


York Imperial Plastics Increases Sales with Lead Generation

York Imperial Plastics completed a rigorous exercise to define their key strategic initiatives. After significant market research, the plan was implemented with a clear, well structured action plan with responsibilities, timelines and measureable milestone outcomes.


Wheeler Bros., Inc. Achieves ISO 9001:2000 Certification

Wheeler Bros. Inc., had worked with Catalyst Connection, a NIST MEP affiliate, for several years to elevate its quality efforts to all-time highs and establish quality certification.


Universal Services Associates Improves ROI With Lead Generation

As a business that creates highly customized, one-of-a-kind models, exhibits and prototypes, USA experienced peaks and valleys in work volume that created a continual challenge.


Triangle Circuits Increases Sales with New Website

Triangle Circuits had a website with few visitors and even fewer sales. The company was interested in updating its web presence to attract new sales and improve the site for existing customers.


Tooling Dynamics ‘Lean’ through Sales Growth

Lead times at Tooling Dynamics were approaching 8 weeks which was unacceptable for the industry. Additionally they were experiencing quality issues and did not have a good handle on raw material inventory.


Lean Impacts Bottom-Line

When TT&L’s vendors raised their prices, President Alan Thompson knew that if he wanted to remain competitive, those price increases could not be passed along to his customers. Instead, he would need to find ways of reducing costs within his operations, without compromising quality.


Stockwell Elastomerics, Inc. Listens to Voice of Customer in Market Positioning

Stockwell Elastomerics’ president Bill Stockwell knew the importance of understanding customer needs. In recent years, the company had been changing its business model in response to the trend towards off-shoring and foreign competition for large-volume commodity products.


Springs Window Fashions, LLC Keeps Manufacturing Presence in U.S.

The Springs Window Fashions team in Montgomery, PA encountered a difficult situation. The company had to cut costs significantly or see a sizeable amount of manufacturing move to Mexico. That was the unexpected directive from their senior leadership team, who had been evaluating production costs of the company’s line of horizontal blinds.