Success Stories

Every day, the IRC Network helps Pennsylvania manufacturers save money, increase sales and create jobs. Read more about our clients’ successes below.


Strategic Plan Fuels Company Growth

DVIRC worked with pacproinc® to develop a standard work process, address operational shortcomings, and reduce lead times. The company added jobs and worked to create a culture of Continuous Improvement, with several employees participating in DVIRC’s Lean Level One Certification Course to help pacproinc® improve its operational performance.


Employee Training Strengthens Company-Wide Commitment to Lean

The investment in employee skills provided a return for Lycoming many times the cost of the training, as the company increased sales, added jobs, and realized cost savings. The training participants developed a sense of personal responsibility to perform work according to standards. They are committed to Continuous Improvement and attuned to how individual and team efforts can reduce and eliminate waste and increase value throughout the enterprise.


Layout Assistance in New Facility

Quality Mould had to reinvent their business model when the glass industry that accounted for nearly all of their business moved overseas. The company owners spent seven years formulating and implementing diversification strategies to enter new sectors, including the power generation, oil and gas, aerospace and defense, mining, transportation and medical industries. The diversification strategies required substantial investments in machinery for new industry applications.


Training Improves Effectiveness

AccuSpec is certified to several international standards, one of which is ISO 9001:2008. To improve compliance effectiveness and
encourage more efficient processes, company leaders made plans to increase the presence of AccuSpec’s internal compliance body. They wanted to reduce external nonconformance results, customer corrective action requests, and scrap, and they knew that closer alignment of on-time delivery and quality targets would increase customer satisfaction.


Training Helps Manufacturer Serve U.S. Military Worldwide

North American Manufacturing asked the Northeastern Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center (NEPIRC), a NIST MEP affiliate, to assist in the development of a comprehensive ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System for the company. NEPIRC identified all of the required activities that the company needed to achieve certification, and conducted 18 days of on-site consulting for their employees.


Reducing Sanitation Time, Increasing Production Capacity

After undergoing a relocation and capital expansion project in order to meet projected sales growth, the company identified sanitation as an area that often reduced production capacity. Several factors contributed to the downtime associated with line sanitation, including equipment scheduling, associate skill level, and workplace organization.


Clearing Away the Dust and Boosting Morale

HH Ross first engaged MANTEC, part of PA MEP – a NIST MEP affiliate, on a series of marketing programs over a decade ago. More recently, HH Ross identified the need to review its environmental regulatory compliance and workplace safety standards.


Owners Prepare to Turn Over the Reigns

Hermance Machine owners Joe and Claire Strouse were anticipating a transition in the management of the company to their two sons. They needed professional resources with expertise in coaching family members in the process of a complex business succession, and reached out to the Innovative Manufacturer’s Center (IMC).


Ongoing Strategic Planning and Executive Coaching Leads to Successful Succession

DVIRC stepped in to help the company leaders implement their succession plan and ensure the smooth transfer of ownership to the next generation.


DVIRC Provides Business Solutions to Meet EFE’s Strategic Objectives

DVIRC drew from both in-house and third-party resources to deliver a broad range of services to EFE Laboratories, Inc.: strategic planning, primary and secondary market research, lead generation, branding initiatives, a new website, sales and innovation support, public relations, and more.